What a weird time we are living in. Who would have thought 2020 held a Pandemic for us when we were dining in the New Year.

We have had to adapt quickly and midwifery has adapted to keep mums, babies and our limited midwifery workforce safe.

In New Zealand we have been sheltered by amazing leadership and togetherness in our determination to keep safe. Resulting in such low numbers. Unfortunately across the world this has not been echoed in many places and tragedy has struck hard in some countries. I lost my dad to COVID19 the day before his 79th birthday. My NZ family, friends and midwifery colleagues have supported me during this sad time.

It is important that we keep safe and continue our efforts to maintain our low numbers in NZ. As a team we will be making sure we protect our clients as much as we can and I will update you with changes as they happen.

A person told me a wonderful take on this strange time. That babies who have chosen to be born now have done so while the world has managed to take a deep breath, to pause, rest, reset. It is a special time. One that has forced the world to slow down, take a breath. Be in our bubbles. What a positive way to took at 2020! let’s take the time to stop and think. To reset.

Looking forward to a time without masks!

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