Closing Te Puke Clinic

I’m very sad to say that we are closing our Womb Te Puke clinic in April. This is due to a lack of funding for clinic spaces for community midwives. Most midwifwery clinics in Tauranga are closing due to a change in funding which is very sad for the communities, and especially for rural women.

From next week I will only be doing appointments from our Papamoa room which is inside the Re-Energise Physio rooms at 130 Parton Road. I had tried to accommodate two appointment spaces but it’s just not working and if I’m delayed at one room it knocks my whole day off balance and it’s crazy enough out there for midwives at the moment.

I’ll message clients prior to your appointments for the next few weeks to remind you of where you need to be for your appointment. I’m only 8 minutes drive down the road from our old clinic room at 2 Dunlop Road.

Midwifery continues to be under resourced and under valued by which ever government seems to be in power. Please contact your local MP if you’d like to make them aware of loosing these important spaces, and the midwives that once filled them.


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