In home postnatal care for up to 6 weeks*

Once your baby is born I will refer you to your chosen Well Child provider, usually either Pepi Ora or Plunket. They start to see you and baby at around 4 weeks and monitor baby for reaching their milestones all the way up to starting school. You will see lots of me and Michelle in the first week (see table).

During this time we will cover lots of topics such as breastfeeding, sleep, contraception, any follow up screening that may be required, postnatal health such as pelvic floor exercises and pre-conception care for planning future pregnancies. I will weigh baby at each visit with your consent and you can tell me about any concerns you may have.

The postnatal period ends between 4-6 weeks and is a time to look back over the pregnancy and birth, a celebration of your journey to motherhood. When we have our discharge visit baby is usually smiling at you and vocalising.

*During the pandemic this may change. Postnatal visits will be done over the phone at times, for example when you are in the birth facility after birth. I can also leave scales at your home so that you can weigh baby each week.

Postnatal interactions*
PDF resources
Video resources
Well Child Referral
48 hour heel prick test
Day 5 weigh
Day 7 full check
Weekly visit up to 6 weeks
Discharge visit

Sam was amazing and had a caring personality. She was super supportive and had great communication through out the pregnancy.

— March 2022

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